Print on Demand
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Start business without any setup costs

What is pod?

New revolutionary e-commerce model in the Russian market

Print on demand is a business model in which a product is printed only after it is purchased and paid by the customer.

In order to start selling things with POD you don't have to waste money on buying, producing, storing or delivering products

All you need is to create a unique design and print it on items from the catalogue using the design builder under your brand

Next step is to put it up for sale on any available platform: your online-shop, a marketplace, your own blog. As soon as the product is bought, it automatically goes into production

Start making money with YouMake

You will appreciate a new no-risk business model
You want to create unique design clothes as an independent artist or professional fashion designer
Create collections
Brands and enterprises
You have a business that requires a lot of products to be printed/produced
Get an offer
You want to create an online-shop (or widen the products range of existing one) and sell POD-items via your online-shop or marketplaces
Start selling
You already have and audience and you want to share with them how to make money with YOUMAKE. At the same time, you will get a % of every item sold. Or you want to sell things on your own with the POD model
Become a partner

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